The Local PUSAG President, Rustum Senorgbe, SRC President Raynolds Agbenyenu and Secretary, Miriam Klu on Saturday March 6, 2021 attended Senate Meeting at the Dominion University College, Accra.

Host SRC President, Bright Okyere welcomed all senators.

They were sworn in as PUSAG senators and took part in deliberations.

Under the leadership of the PUSAG President, Allswell Annan, discussions centred on activities affected by COVID-19 pandemic and other Initiatives.

The senate elected two officers to serve on the Vetting Committee.

They are Abdul Rauf Muhibudeen of Madina Institute of Science and Technology and Mohammed Osman of Islamic University College, Ghana.

Congress is slated for April 8- 11, 2021 at a yet to be named venue.

Another conference soon in Nigeria, called BIMUN. Further details later.

EPUC has so far travelled to two PUSAG events.

The first was PUSAG Press Conference at Methodist University on December 5, 2020.

It was attended by the SRC President and PUSAG Secretary, Theresa Gator.

Per the constitional provisions, the PUSAG Local President or Rep, the SRC President and Secretary, PUSAG Secretary and Women Commissioner are senators.

The 5 may at anytime represent the institution when the need arises.

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