44 Nigerians deported for illegally staying in Ghana

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A total of forty-four Nigerians have been deported back to into their country for staying illegally in Ghana and making choices that go against our immigration laws.

Most of the foreigners that migrate to Ghana come here with the intention of indulging in fraudulent or criminal acts, endangering the lives of the people and tarnishing the image of the country at large as some pass as Ghanaians.

It is for this reason that foreigners are supposed to produce documents before they can rent houses in Ghana.

This is the first time the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is deporting a large group of Nigerians from the Ghana into their country.

The forty-four deportees include forty-three adult males and one adult female.

Arrangements have been made to ensure a smooth exercise stressing that the various regional capitals the deportees will pass through have been alerted to ensure smooth passage.

Also, countries that the deportees will pass through like Togo, Benin have been alerted.

The deportation comes immediately after notice by the Ghana Immigration Service of a lot of illegal entries which prompted them into action.

The 44 Nigerians served 99 days imprisonment each before their deportation.

This is part of measures authorities are taking to curb the rise in crime lately.

Security in the northern part of Ghana has tightened after it was reported that a group of foreigners are planning to terrorise residents in the area.

Foreigners in Ghana are expected to go through the right immigration process to co-exist peacefully with indigens.

Failure to do so will mean immediate deportation or penalty attraction of which a jail time is inclusive.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh