Akua Saucy trends Number 1 on Twitter in Ghana as Part 2 of Her Nvde Videos Get Leaked Online

Having your raunchy photos and videos leak on social media can be extremely damaging for a victim with or without the consent of the person in image as it is an issue among people of all ages from children as young as 11 to much older adults.

Akua Saucy who is said to be a slay queen and a Twitter Influencer got her obscene videos shared on social media by a Twitter user (@Kwaby_Skrilla) on April 24, 2021, which got everyone talking about it.

In the videos, she was seen unclothed in bedroom visuals and masterburting according to comments on Twitter and Telegram as netizens continue to reshare the extremely racy visuals with the hashtag #AkuaSaucy.

Her photos and videos got into the public scene after a guy who was supposedly paying Ghc50 for each n^de photo and video he got from Akua Saucy, decided to release all of them online after they had some disagreement.


Akua Saucy is trending today on Twitter in Ghana as part two of her raunchy videos have been leaked online by the same guy who leaked it earlier and it is obvious the guy seems to have a problem with Akua Saucy for keeping his phone of which Akua Saucy failed to hand over the phone to the guy.

Part 2 of the videos has generated a massive buzz on Twitter and unitedshowbiz.com.gh has compiled a few of the comments we saw in tweets on the American microblogging platform. Find them below;

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The nvde photos of Akua Saucy has become a big topic on the microblogging platform as it trends at number 1 on the trends list in Ghana as at the time of putting this article together.

Also, the Cybersecurity Act 2020 Law of Ghana punishes cyber activities involving sexual abuse of children and adults – including child grooming for sexual abuse or aiding and abetting same or cyberstalking of a child with five to 15 years in jail.

The Law establishes the Cyber Security Authority, protects the critical information infrastructure of the country, regulates cybersecurity activities, provides for the protection of children and adults on the internet, and develops Ghana’s cybersecurity ecosystem

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh