Akwadaa Nyame crowned Winner of Talented Kids Season 12

Singer Raymond Nyarko known popularly as Akwadaa Nyame, an 8-year-old contestant of TV3’s Talented Kids have been crowned winner for its season 12 after fiercely beating 5 other finalists in the competition.

As a prize package for winning the competition, Akwada Nyame is taking home a 10,000 cedis cash prize, 500 cedis worth Indomie products, assorted products from Cowbell, and from other sponsors.

He stood strong and enthused fans, colleagues, and judges with his stunning performance all through the competition and has finally being rewarded after being judged rightly.

Akwadaa Nyame

Akwadaa Nyame performed the old song Obra on the night he was declared the winner.

When he dramatized the whole thing, he gave his performance life.

The Akwadaa Nyame was apprehended in the drama because he was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit.

He sang to remind everyone that their actions, good or bad, live on after them.

Akwadaa Nyame sang in his second performance, a song by Akwaboah; who stormed the stage to see him perform his own song.

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Rap Krachie, with his excellent rap skills, came in second. He earned a 7,000 cedis cash reward as well as items from sponsors.

Saliha De Poet won third place and a cash reward of $6,000, as well as a variety of prizes from the show’s sponsors.

Blessing Alorvor, who came in fourth place, earned a cash prize of 5,000 cedis as well as other prizes from the sponsors.

Rapper Spike Gee came in seventh, followed by dancer Andy Dabo in fifth.

Since the beginning of the competition, the sweet and adorable boy from Kumasi has dazzled both the judges and the audience with his silky voice.

Akwadaa Nyame epitomizes the term “prodigy.”

Throughout the weeks, he has shown different higher levels of stagecraft, telling stories with unadulterated sincerity and emotions, and bringing the judges to tears.

You belittle Akwadaa Nyame at your peril because his talent is beyond his years.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh