Ali and Shemima of Date Rush fame reunite after their breakup; share lovely photos together again online

  • Celebrities are known for their roller coaster love lives they fall in and out of love over and over again, sometimes with the same person.
  • Known popularly as lovebirds from Ghana’s reality show labelled as TV3 Date Rush, Ali and Shemima have reunited as friends after their breakup.

Shemima’s Story on Breakup

Earlier, reported on the breakup between Ali and Shemima, in which Shemima was seen in a self-recorded video crying uncontrollably as she announced official her separation from Ali.

According to Shemima, she made it known publicly that, Ali was already dating before coming to the reality show.

Shemima recounted how a certain lady keeps threatening her to leave Ali and find her own man.

Shemima said could not hold back her tears because Ali had allowed the critics of their beautiful love story to have the last laugh.

She however said Ali did not value the love and has ended up breaking her heart, leaving her sad and dejected.

Shemima went on to add that she had regretted going on national television to look for love and announced she was now very single and moving on with her life.

Ali’s Story on Breakup

Ali opened up on his side of the story, following his break up with Shemima also in a self-recorded video sighted by on Instagram.

Ali revealed he left Shemima because of what she did to him.

According to him, Shemima went on a trip to Dubai for almost a month with her sugar daddy to have fun.

Ali revealed that Shemima did not even see the need to inform him that she was travelling and only told him a day before she jetted off to the Arab destination.

Ali indicated that he loved Shemima wholeheartedly but she was taking him for a f**l.

Ali said after a whole month of not hearing from the love of his life, she came back trying to get close to him again.

He said it was then that he advised himself and decided to stay away from her and also ended their relationship.

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Ali said his decision to stay away, coupled with Shemima’s video in which she was seen crying, has rather put him in a bad light – hence his decision to clear the air.

Ali and Shemima Reunion after Breakup

The date rush lovebirds, Ali and Shemima have reunited happily as friends and have shared lovely photos from events they attended recently.

Check the photos below:

Ali and Shemima graced the 24th birthday bash of date rush star Dzato which was held at Dreams Hotel in Spintex, Accra on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

Also, Ali and Shemima attended a Mama Mariam health walk together on Saturday, October 16, 2021, at Kawokudi Park in Kanda, Accra

Swipe left to view the photo:

Ali and Shemima on Date Rush

Ali and Shemima were contestants of season 5 of TV3 Date Rush. On Date Rush Hangout, Ali Mohammed admitted that he almost turned off his rush because he felt intimated by Shemima.

According to the young actor, he thought of himself as the last choice for the beautiful Shemima.

Looking at his competitors, he didn’t know he would take the prize home.
Ali said, “I was speechless. I didn’t see it coming. I was very confused when she came to choose me. A slim guy, like me. We were ten on the line-up. There were handsome guys, beard guys, so I didn’t expect her to choose me. I was lost for words on that day. But very happy for her picking me.”

He praised Shemima, whom he confirmed as his official girlfriend, for being kind and good to him. Among her outstanding attributes that he mentioned, he said,

“Shemima is very respectful. She is someone who does not talk anyhow. She respects me a lot, and she has been calling me. She has been good and kind.