ANAS Must Investigate GES – Teacher Kwadwo makes opinion in New Tweets

Teacher Kwadwo, a Ghanaian content maker, claims it is past time for Investigative Journalist Anas Aemeyaw Anas to launch a confidential investigation into the Ghana Education Service (GES).

According to him, the GES is engulfed in corruption and related practises, but it is more convenient to marginalise and punish teachers who are doing their best to assist disadvantaged students.

His comments follow a recent development in which GES put a student-teacher on the media for cooking and serving students at his school.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) invited Abenah Serwaah Mankosa to justify her behavior and provide the documentation that enables her to feed her students.

On the back, Teacher Kwadwo has gone in for GES, actually lambasting them for poorly treating teachers and turning a blind eye to their pressing needs, while finding it a pleasure to punish and punish the good ones.

Teacher Kwadwo, who is also a pupil-teacher, suggests that the GES is an agency that needs Anas’ lenses refocused on it in order to reveal all of its shady and secret dealings.

Below Are His Tweets:

They send their wards in schools abroad to get “quality” education so they will come back and rule over those who went to “saito”.hur!!! may u die quick if that mentality dey your head inside some. die!!!!!

If they will doubt that the education system is bad,then they should all send their wards to the “Government basic schools” “SAITO” make we see.they cnt!!!! because they know the truth!!!!

enor be sey “Government basic school” Teachers are dumb oo…The tins needed to make teaching effective for almost all the village schools nor dey!!! so teaching becomes boring to the leaners!!! u the teacher sef ego bore u.

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now ask yourself why these big men/women dnt send their children to “Government basic schools” but rather the big international schools and abroad??because they all know the educational system here is fuvked up!!!

The only way they can make “Government Basic Schools” better is that there should be a law that if u want to be a President,Minsisters,MPS to all government workers,your children should attend the “SAITO” since they are responsible for the well-being of the school!!!!

u tell a Teacher to teach ICT at a village without COMPUTER, LIGHT and INTERNET CONNECTION but ur children are at the Big schools enjoying better tins.Nyame betua moka ruff!!!!

u call a female teacher to your office and abt 4 people force and take her phone from her then u threaten her to tell u her code to open her phone. wtf!!!what kinda stupid move is that? na police sef fit hold someone and take his/her phone by force ?something dey come!!!

They just love seeing the kids suffer.
I think that brings them joy.
Education system na basaa s3 moesha to,apologies to Moesha tho.

u won’t help the kids. A teacher with a good heart come post the problem the kids are facing and good people on social media donates to solve the issue. Then u say the Teacher take the kiddies come claim money online.u ain’t ready to help the kids,someone does too ibi problem!

when I post a pic of me in my school then some people on social media be like.. “paint your school!!!”I dnt blame them. I have helped the school saaa so they think it’s even my responsibility to do it.🤦🏾‍♀️yet the leaders won’t appreciate!!! aho)yaa ne bayie!!!


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