Angelina Jordan

As the richest Pop Singer in the world, Angelina Jordan has achieved a large amount of fame.

Angelina Jordan has appeared on a variety of shows, penned several books, and has published several albums. The amount of money she is estimated to make in 2022 is $3 million.

Here are some of her sources of income. She has a YouTube channel and has posted numerous videos on it. In addition to performing her own songs, Angelina Jordan also covers other artists’ music.

Several of her videos have surpassed one million views.

Angelina Jordan is a Norwegian singer

One of the biggest sensations of 2014 was the appearance of Angelina Jordan on Norway’s Got Talent.

She blew viewers away with her audition performance of “Gloomy Sunday” in the style of Billie Holiday.

Her video went viral, garnering worldwide media attention. Now, her debut album, Angelina Jordan, has received positive reviews from critics worldwide.

In 2014, Angelina Jordan won Norway’s Got Talent with a rousing performance of Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday.”

The show’s judges expected a pitchy child to win, but her jazzy vocals of Angelina made her the winner.

Her audition went viral, and she subsequently appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world.

After her win, she has already been in demand as a guest vocalist and recording artist.

Angelina Jordan was born in Oslo, Norway, and has Norwegian nationality. She is the daughter of Gerry Christian Slattman and Sara Astar.

She is the oldest of four children and has one younger sister named Juliette. Her parents are very supportive and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

After completing her primary education at Oslo Waldorf School, she began studying at the Oslo School of Music and Performing Arts.

Angelina Jordan has studied piano, violin, and flute, and continues to pursue her career as a singer.

She has appeared on many tv shows

Angelina Jordan has been featured in various magazines and newspapers around the world. She has also made a number of appearances on television shows.

She has performed on ABC’s The View and NBC’s “Little Big Shots” starring Steve Harvey. In fact, her performance was so popular that more than 10 million people watched it.

Despite being a child actor, Angelina has become a well-known name in the music industry.

The NRK TV show “Lindmo” featured an interview with Angelina Jordan.

angelina jordan net worth
Angelina Jordan

She told the host about her experience performing barefoot and shared her diary with the audience.

The interview is in Norwegian but English subtitles are available. Angelina performs her song, “Unchained Melody.”

She is a published author

After becoming the youngest published author in Norway, Angelina Jordan is now a singer and songwriter. Her book, Mellom to hjerter, was inspired by an encounter she had with a motherless girl in Asia, and she used her grandmother’s illustrations to write the story.

The book explains why she performs barefoot on stage. She has won numerous awards for her songs and has also appeared on TV and in movies.

Before achieving mainstream fame as a singer, she began her career as an actress. Her grandmother, a jazz singer and child prodigy, exposed her to the music genre before she was able to read or write.

During her master’s year in Japan, she met Angelina Jordan. Both women had been influenced by the same culture, and they had a lot in common.

She later decided to take up writing after seeing a film script and announcing her debut book.

She is estimated to be worth $3 million in 2022

The Norwegian singer, Angelina Jordan, has an estimated net worth of $3 million in 2022. She first rose to fame after winning Norway’s Got Talent.

Her video audition went viral, and her voice is now loved by people all over the world.

Her popularity has made her a household name. Her net worth is expected to grow further, especially as she continues writing and recording songs.

Angelina Jordan has performed in various music shows and events. She has appeared on shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Little Big Shots.”

Among other things, she has released a music video on YouTube and has been a contestant on television shows like “Little Big Shots.”

Her success has earned her a high net worth as she continues to grow her career.

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