Anti-gay bill: Medikal deceived me – ’emotional’ Sister Derby tells Sam George

Model and musician, Sister Derby has set the records straight after Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam George got her emotional for dragging her former boyfriend, Medikal, into their wild back and forth argument over the anti-gay bill.

A few days ago, there was an anti-gay signing bill that set social media on fire with conversations on its legalization.

This got Mr Sam George and model, Sister Derby, into a heated back and forth as both turned to disagree on each other’s opinions about the whole issue.

In a tweet, the self-acclaimed African mermaid tagged Sam George as a perverted backward thinker which didn’t go well with the member of parliament.

In responding to the musician’s attack, Mr Sam George dragged her former lover, Medikal, into the whole brouhaha mocking her for their break up.

The emotional broken-hearted Sister Derby, couldn’t keep her cool and has come out to spill the whole truth about his relationship with Medikal.

She queried Mr George on why she is using her deceived relationship to mock her.

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According to Mr George, he chose to attack her personally because Sister Derby calling him a perverted backward thinker, was a personal attack.

He wrote: “When you throw pebbles at me, expect rocks in return. She who sows a storm would certainly reap the whirlwind.”

However, Sister Derby questioned his moral judgement and denied claims that she brought the abuse upon herself.

 She pointed out that her description was an excerpt from his tweet and nothing more.

She wrote: “What be Peebles? You mean pebbles? No one attacked you personally. I responded exactly to the contents of your tweet. You are constantly exposing your sexist nature and also acting childish.

We have the lives of innocent people at stake, and you mock me for being deceived. An MP?!”