Apple Music Debuts Top 25 Charts in 100 Cities in the World With New Product Features

Apple Music has introduced a new feature that highlights the top songs in various cities around the world due to the music industry’s streamings becoming increasingly active.

City Charts will allow music fans and artists to see which songs are performing well in 100 cities around the world. While traditional charts strictly list music based on the number of times it has been played, the newly introduced City Charts combine pure plays with additional indicators of local success to rank the top 25 songs nationwide.

While standard charts rank music based simply on number of plays, Apple Music’s City Charts combine plays and additional signs of local popularity to rank the top 25 songs gaining momentum with listeners locally, truly highlighting the local culture and individual music scenes of the cities they represent.

With City Charts, Apple Music brings both global and local artists to the forefront of a new destination for music discovery.

Subscribers can also save their favourite City Charts to their personal library, download them, and share them with others.

City Charts will be updated regularly and will be accessible through the Browse or Search pages of Apple Music.

According to Apple, listeners can also ask Siri to play a local city chart — for example, to play the Top 25: New York City chart, simply say “Hey Siri, play the Top 25: New York City.”

Below is a list of cities that will be covered by the latest charts. The new features is made available in 100 cities around the globe now.


Top 25: Accra, Ghana
Top 25: Nairobi, Kenya
Top 25: Lagos, Nigeria

Top 25: Cape Town, South Africa
Top 25: Durban, South Africa
Top 25: Johannesburg, South Africa

United States and Canada

Top 25: Calgary, Canada
Top 25: Edmonton, Canada
Top 25: Montréal, Canada
Top 25: Ottawa, Canada
Top 25: Québec City, Canada
Top 25: Toronto, Canada
Top 25: Vancouver, Canada
Top 25: Winnipeg, Canada
Top 25: Atlanta, United States

Top 25: Austin , United States
Top 25: Chicago, United States
Top 25: Dallas, United States
Top 25: Denver, United States
Top 25: Detroit, United States
Top 25: Honolulu, United States
Top 25: Houston, United States
Top 25: Los Angeles, United States
Top 25: Miami , United States
Top 25: Nashville, United States
Top 25: New York City, United States
Top 25: Philadelphia, United States
Top 25: Phoenix, United States
Top 25: San Diego, United States
Top 25: San Francisco, United States
Top 25: Seattle, United States
Top 25: Washington, D.C., United States
Top 25: San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States


Top 25: Brisbane, Australia
Top 25: Melbourne, Australia
Top 25: Sydney, Australia
Top 25: Guangzhou, China
Top 25: Shanghai, China
Top 25: Bengaluru, India
Top 25: Delhi, India
Top 25: Jakarta, Indonesia
Top 25: Fukuoka, Japan
Top 25: Nagoya, Japan
Top 25: Osaka, Japan
Top 25: Sapporo, Japan
Top 25: Sendai, Japan
Top 25: Tokyo, Japan
Top 25: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Top 25: Auckland, New Zealand
Top 25: Manila, Phillippines
Top 25: Busan, South Korea
Top 25: Seoul, South Korea
Top 25: Taipei, Taiwan
Top 25: Bangkok, Thailand

Europe, Russia, and Central Asia

Top 25: Vienna, Austria
Top 25: Prague, Czech Republic
Top 25: Copenhagen, Denmark
Top 25: Lyon, France
Top 25: Marseille, France
Top 25: Paris, France
Top 25: Bordeaux, France
Top 25: Berlin, Germany
Top 25: Frankfurt, Germany
Top 25: Hamburg, Germany
Top 25: Cologne, Germany
Top 25: Munich, Germany
Top 25: Budapest, Hungary
Top 25: Dublin, Ireland
Top 25: Milan, Italy
Top 25: Naples, Italy
Top 25: Rome, Italy
Top 25: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Top 25: Warsaw, Poland
Top 25: Moscow, Russia
Top 25: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Top 25: Barcelona, Spain
Top 25: Madrid, Spain
Top 25: Zürich , Switzerland
Top 25: Kiev, Ukraine
Top 25: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Top 25: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Top 25: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Top 25: London, United Kingdom

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Top 25: Manchester, United Kingdom

Middle East

Top 25: Tel Aviv, Israel
Top 25: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Top 25: Istanbul, Turkey
Top 25: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Latin America and the Caribbean

Top 25: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Top 25: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Top 25: São Paulo, Brazil
Top 25: Santiago, Chile
Top 25: Bogotá, Colombia
Top 25: Medellin, Colombia
Top 25: San José, Costa Rica
Top 25: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Top 25: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Top 25: Guadalajara, Mexico
Top 25: Mexico City, Mexico
Top 25: Monterrey, Mexico
Top 25: Lima, Peru

Moreover, Apple Music is introducing the following new features:

  • Motion for Artist Detail Pages: Artists can now bring their personality to life in Apple Music by adding their own moving images to artist detail pages.
  • Lyrics Sharing: Share your favorite lyrics using Messages, Facebook, and Instagram Stories. Lyrics link back to the exact moment in the song, and subscribers can play the snippet in Messages without leaving the conversation.
  • Record Label Pages: Dive into the latest and most popular releases from hundreds of record labels.
  • Search for Record Labels: Search now shows Record Labels in Suggestions and Top Results for relevant searches. You can also use the new Record Labels filter to refine your results and find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Explore other albums from your favorite labels: Albums released from selected labels now have a link to the Record Label page just below the tracklist
  • Library Made for You: Apple Music makes it even easier to find your personal mixes and Replay playlists with a “Made For You” Library shortcut.


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