Are Amelia Gray Hamlin and Scott Disick still in a relationship? What is known about the duo?

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Amelia Gray Hamlin and Scott Disick have recently broken up. The pair have been dating for nearly nine months, but the split was unexpected.

While the pair spend a lot of time together, they are still pursuing their separate paths.

Regardless, the relationship looks very promising and it seems that the two are committed to each other.

However, there have been rumours about Hamlin and Disick being involved in a relationship.

The pair started dating last fall, and then went Instagram official in February. They are now dating again, and there are no signs of a breakup yet.

The relationship between Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin is definitely over, as the two have shared some adorable moments together.

According to the Daily Mail, Amelia Gray Hamlin recently sent a message to Scott Disick over the weekend, indicating that she had been in touch with him over the weekend.

Although it’s unlikely that the two have ended their relationship, they’ve shared cryptic messages on Instagram since the breakup.

Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin Match While on Miami Vacation

On September 7, 2021, Amelia Gray Hamlin reposted a quote on her Instagram story that reads “Don’t settle.”

The caption of the photo included a butterfly symbol, but no explanation was given.

The message suggests that the couple isn’t dating and that she’s upset about the way Disick acted on social media.