Are Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe Married?

Are Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe married? The actor was born on 10 July 1954. He is a member of the Pet Shop Boys. It is unclear if the two have married or have children together. However, both actors have two homes. They live in County Durham and London.

Neil Tennant was born on 10th July 1954

Neil Tennant was born on 10th of July 1954. He is an English singer and songwriter. He is also the co-founder of the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys. He was born in North Shields, England. He was educated at St Cuthbert’s Grammar School and the North London Polytechnic. He graduated with a degree in history in 1975.

After graduating from university, Neil Tennant worked as an editor for Marvel UK in London. He was responsible for anglicising comic book dialogue for British readers. He also illustrated cookery books and worked as an editor for Macdonald Educational Publishing.

He is a member of the Pet Shop Boys

Neil Tennant is a member of a band called the Pet Shop Boys. He co-founded the group with Chris Lowe in 1981. Before becoming a member of the band, he worked as a journalist for the British music magazine Smash Hits. He was also an assistant editor of the magazine during the mid-1980s.

Before joining the band, Neil worked as a journalist for Smash Hits and interviewed bands like Depeche Mode, Kajagoogoo, Madness, Yazoo, and The Police. He then pushed a demo tape to Bobby Orlando, who produced the Pet Shop Boys’ debut album.

He is married to Chris Lowe

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Neil Tennant has remained secretive about his love life and has not revealed who his partner is. However, the actor and singer shares a friendship with Chris Lowe, the co-founder of Pet Shop Boys. The pair is known for keeping a low profile. They both maintain their own homes in London and County Durham, as well as in Berlin, Germany.

The actor, born in 1963, has a net worth of $14 million. He graduated from the North London Polytechnic in 1975. After graduating, he was the production editor for Marvel UK for two years, writing features and interviews for the magazine. While working for Marvel, he interviewed Marc Bolan and Alex Harvey. Later, he was hired by Smash Hits magazine as a news editor, and in 1983, he was promoted to Assistant Editor. He also edited the Smash Hits Yearbook from 1982 to 1985.

They have one or more children together

Chris Lowe is a musician. He was a member of the band Pet Shop Boys and has worked with Liza Minnelli and Dusty Springfield. The two have worked together in the past, but they have never publicly discussed their relationship. However, Tennant has openly spoken about his s*******y.

The pair’s debut hit, “West End Girls,” reached number one in the U.S. in 1986. Tennant and Lowe incorporated political and social commentary into their electro-pop songs. The result was a rare combination of commercial success and consistently commenting on the cultural moment.

They have never spoken publicly about their s*******y

While they’ve never spoken publicly about their s*******y, Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant have collaborated on various projects, which has led to speculation about their relationships. Tennant has been openly g*y since 1994, while Lowe has been secretive about his orientation. Both men have performed and recorded with g*y icons, including Liza Minnelli and Dusty Springfield. They also have worked together on music videos, including the ’80s hit “It’s a Sin.”

The Pet Shop Boys have a long history of avoiding the topic of s*******y, including “Results.” Chris Lowe, who co-wrote the album “Results,” has never spoken publicly about his s*******y. The band’s stage costumes were already colorful and did not make reference to g*y stereotypes, so his appearance onstage did not change the band’s popularity. Meanwhile, Tennant has been less coded in his lyrics.