Armando Giglia Wikipedia: Everything you need to know about the Australian teacher and principal

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Armando Giglia is an Australian teacher, principal and the President of, the Western Australia Secondary Executives Association.

He also was awarded as the WA Secondary Principal of the Year by the department of education in Western Australia.

He also worked as the principal of Butler College from when the school was built in 2013 till the end of 2017, also making him the first principal of that school.[2][3]

Armando Giglia started his career first as a teacher in 1979 and taught in a number of Metropolitan schools in a variety of teaching and promotional positions.

Armando has also held advisory and development roles within two Department of Education districts, as a School Development Officer in Geraldton and a Principal Consultant in Swan River.

Armando Giglia first moved into school administration as a program coordinator in schools administration before gaining the position of Deputy Principal in Geraldton Senior High School and also later joining the Western Australian Secondary Deputy Principals Association as a regional representative of its Conference Committee.

Later in the year 2001, Armando was sworn in as Deputy Principal and then later as the Acting Principal of Dianella Secondary College (formally known as Mirrabooka Senior High School), he held the role of Principal in that school for 9 years from 2002 till 2011.

In 2012, Giglia announced that he was establishing a new school as the foundation and the very first Principal of Butler College which later opened one year later in 2013 to the general public.

Armando Giglia

He worked as the Principal for a continuous of 4 years from 2013 till late 2017.

While Giglia was Principal of Butler College he developed major facilities in the school just as a dance centre and a media studio.

Which was fully completed 1 year later in mid-2015.

Later in 2019, Armando was appointed as a member of WASSEA and later was elected to the inaugural Management Committee as a Deputy Principal Representative and later re-elected as a Principal Representative.

He is currently the President of the WASSEA Association.