Popular Asian Names for Females and Males

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Looking for Asian names? Read on to find some suggestions for females and males. Ying, for example, is the most popular Chinese male name.

Other popular names include Ying, Bai, Sakae, Ani, and Anana.

If you’re searching for a surname, try Anya. This short, sweet name is also of Slavic origin.

Listed below are some female and male Asian names for girls and boys.

Ying is the most popular name for boys in China

In China, Ying is the most common boy’s name. This Chinese name means “gold,” and was used by the ancient Shang and Zhou dynasties.

The place name was taken by two high-ranking officials and passed down to their descendants.

“De” means “to support or build,” and it is considered one of the most important concepts in Chinese philosophy.

However, the name is usually used only for boys.

Chinese parents have a long history of giving their sons patriotic names.

As a result, many parents chose Ying during the Cultural Revolution as a way to show their support for the Communist Party and the country. Today, Ying is a trendy name for boys.

It is predicted to stay on top until 2021, making it the most popular Chinese boy’s name in 2020.

Another popular name for boys in China is Yu Jie, meaning “pure, beautiful jade.”

Bai is a surname

The name Bai has Chinese origins. It means ‘person of purity’. It was originally used as a surname and still functions as one. Although it is considered a feminine name, Bai is currently more common among boys. For example, the Chinese poet Li Bai was given the name Bai. A male name derived from Bai is the surname Bai. Here are some common variations of the name.

The name Bai is of Chinese origin, though the Chinese spelling is more common.

In Taiwan, it is commonly spelt Chia. It is also the name of a small dinosaur discovered in China. This feathered creature lived during the Late Jurassic period and was smaller than a chicken.

The Chinese word “Bai” means “white.” Bai is also used as a boy’s name because of the name’s masculine form, which means to leap over or surpass.”

Sakae is a worldly name

The Japanese word Sakae is a worldly Asian baby girl name. The meaning is “prosperity” or “success”. Other derivatives of Sakae are Sakai, Sakay, and Sachiko.

Despite its unique meaning, Sakae is not included in the top 1000 baby names.

Its pronunciation is similar to the Japanese words Sachea and Sachiko, and it sounds slightly different to the English name Sakiyo.

Li Na is a short name

The name Li Na is of Chinese origin. Li Na’s family name is Li. A notable person by the name of Li Na is a former professional tennis player Li Na. The meaning of the name Li Na is “to seek”.

The meaning of Li Na is “to seek.” The short Asia name means “to seek.” The Chinese language is also used for this name.

Xiao Hong, a well-known writer from the early 1900s, is credited with coming up with the name.

In Chinese culture, it is common for girls to have repeating names with the same characters. Xiao Hong is pronounced, “SHing-SHing.”

Anastasia is the most contemporarily stylish baby name

Anastasia is a classically feminine name of Russian and Greek origin. It is a feminine version of the Latin name Anastasius, meaning “resurrection.” Among early Christians, Anastasia was a popular name, especially for daughters born around Easter and Christmas.

Anastasia was also a patron saint of weavers. While once considered a Russian name, Anastasia is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

This name traces its origin to the last czar’s daughter.

The name Anastasia is a classic choice and one of the most fashionable baby names for females. It means “will rise again” and is a popular choice in the United States.

While many of the more conventional names for females are rooted in traditional themes, this name reflects a more contemporary outlook.

It is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a contemporary style.

Vera is a deep meaning name

The meaning of Vera is quite complex. The name signifies a female with strong character traits. She is independent, practical, self-determined, and tolerant. She also is a good inventor with many innovative ideas.

Her personality is both dynamic and grounded in her core values. This name is a good choice for a female who wants to be a leader.

Despite the name’s deep meaning, some parents might not like the sound of it.

Vera is a simple Latin name with a deep meaning. It is a name from the Albanian language, where the word Vera means summer.

The Albanian male version of Vera is Veriu, which means ‘north.’ It is an enchanting, feminine name with a deep meaning. The name is also used by women in some Asian countries, such as China.