10 Cute Asian Names for Females

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Asian names for females sound like their Western counterparts. These names have many characteristics in common with Western names.

Dara, for example, is a Chinese name that means honour and light, and Ali is short for Allison. Here are some of the more popular Asian names for girls.

You may even be surprised to find the name of a famous comic book character you’d never imagined. So how do you find the right Asian name for your daughter?

Ying is a popular name in China

Ying is a popular Chinese name that means “Eagle” or “Jade”. Its meaning varies in different countries and languages.

During the Cultural Revolution, many parents chose patriotic names for their children to show their support for the Communist Party and the country.

Ying means “follow your promise”.

Yinuo means “beautiful jade.”

Xia is a Chinese name

Xia is a Chinese name that means “glow of the sunrise” or “sunset”.

It has many meanings and is not just used in China, where the meaning of the name Xia is the glow of the sun. It can also mean ‘heroine’ or summer, and can even mean “guest.”

Wen is a Japanese name

Wen is a Chinese surname which means “literature” and “culture.” It is widely used in Hong Kong. Wen is also pronounced “Man” in Cantonese and “Vun” in Hakka.

Other romanizations of Wen include Moon, Bun, and Van. It is also a common baby name in Japan.

Although it does not have many meanings in English, the word “Wen” evokes images of flowers, nature, and femininity.

Hai is a Mandarin name for a mermaid

The Chinese call mermaids Hai, which means “fish woman.” This nickname is a very common one.

The Chinese culture has long revered the sea, so it seems natural that a mermaid would have a Mandarin name. This name has also been used for humans.

But what is Hai? What is its meaning? And why is it such a popular choice for a mermaid?

Jie is a Chinese name

The name Jie is of Chinese origin, meaning “pure.” It means “high-ranking.” It has alternate meanings, such as pure, excellence, chastity, or cleanliness.

The name may also mean heroic or outstanding.

Women with this name typically are determined to excel in many areas of their lives.

If you like this Chinese name, consider it a good choice for your baby girl.

Wen is a Cambodian name for a mermaid

A mermaid has a human torso and a fish tail. It lives underwater and is likely to swim through coral and seaweed. In the 18th century,

Annette Keller played the role of a mermaid in a ballet. Her name was a combination of the Latin and Greek words for water.

It is also a variation of the Greek name Asia, which means “small stream.”

Hai is a Chinese name

The Chinese name Hai connotes a woman who is ambitious and demands recognition. She has a taste for high living and values the comfort money can provide.

She is passionate about her career, but is prone to jealousy and is uncompromising.

She is also reserved but can be a great leader. She is likely to stand up for her ideals and will not tolerate sexy, sexist, or unsavoury behaviour.

Orchids come in a wide range of scents

The Asian names for female orchids are a fascinating way to describe the plants that bloom at night. The flowers, which are typically white, can emit an array of scents, ranging from citrus to spicy lemon.

Several of these orchids are cultivated for their fragrant fragrance, which makes them attractive to both beginners and experienced growers alike.

Jie is a Chinese name with a different meaning

The baby name Jie has a unique meaning and history. It is a Chinese name that you will hear for years to come, so make it one that you love. After all, it is the first thing you give your baby.

And many people believe that the name you choose will have a profound effect on your child’s future success. Because of this, many people choose names that have “respectable” meanings.

The name meaning of Jie reveals the character of a person and the person who carries it.

Huifen is a Chinese name with a different

The Chinese name Huifen has two distinct meanings, a sweet-smelling one, and a wise one.

It is also a religious name. Traditionally, it was used as a surname but is now used as a first and last name.

The name means “wise girl” in Chinese, and it can mean a variety of things, such as being very verbal and sweet-smelling. It also means “white,” a symbol of innocence and purity.