BatDad and Family

Blake Wilson’s YouTube channel is named ‘BatDad and Family.’

In this article, we will explore the nuances surrounding the man behind the BatDad alter ego, the relationship between Blake and Jen, and their net worth.

After all, who wouldn’t want to know what it takes to be the most popular YouTuber?

In addition, we’ll examine Blake’s own life as a mother and how his relationship with his ex-wife influenced his decision to take on BatDad.

Blake Wilson’s YouTube channel is ‘BatDad and Family’

Blake Wilson is an American YouTube star who became famous in late 2013 after posting videos of himself dressed up as “Batman” and having fun with his family.

The couple married and had children together, so their videos had a recurring theme of the father helping the kids. Wilson has a younger sister, Liz, and a brother, Rob.

Their relationship is a popular topic of conversation, and their videos have over 1 million subscribers.

Before creating a YouTube channel, BatDad was a popular Vine star. His videos could be six seconds long and went viral overnight, earning him millions of followers and a million subscribers.

His videos merged Vine and YouTube videos and he gained huge popularity.

In an interview with Mashable, Wilson explained how he decided to start monetizing his videos and how he managed to garner more than 866,000 subscribers.

His alter ego is BatDad

Known as the Batman alter ego, Blake Wilson is the 38-year-old husband of Jen Wilson. The two divorced and are currently co-parenting their children.

Their parents are Seed and Sydney Bartlett Wilson, and Jen is BatDad’s ex-wife.

They are also close friends and have made several posts together. Jen Wilson, meanwhile, is a writer and illustrator.

Wilson took to Vine to promote his new alter ego.

He started by buying a $10 Batman mask and wearing it while driving with his family. After a few days, he began recording videos in which he was joking around with his children, and called himself Bat Dad.

The character quickly became popular and went viral, causing Wilson to be invited to appear on the Today Show and Huffington Post.

The origin of BatDad is unknown. The actor and YouTuber bought a Batman mask at Target and filmed a video using it.

This video has been viewed millions of times on the site and has also inspired other celebrities. His alter ego is a hilarious way to spread positive messages and encourage children.

The videos are a favourite among his fans, and the series has even been adapted to other platforms.

His relationship with his ex-wife

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His net worth

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