BBNaija Ifuennada wants men who lie about marital status jailed

TV reality star, Ifuennada is pissed at the fact that some married men lie about their marital status to be able to cosy up in the pants of unsuspecting young ladies.

She is advocating that such men when caught should serve jail time to deter other men from doing the same.

The former actress took to her Instagram page on Monday 5th December 2021 to share her thoughts.

“Men who lie about their marital status in order to date and deceive a girl should be considered as criminals and punished by the law,” she wrote.

She also added that the victims of men who play such gimmicks should be financially compensated for the trouble and psychological trauma.

Their victims should be financially compensated for their troubles and destabilised mental health. Whether male or female, lying about your marital status should be considered a criminal offence with befitting punishment,” she added.

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Ifuennada denies the tag that a man is behind her success

Earlier, Ifuennada shared her frustration on social media about people tying her success to a man.

She wrote on Instagram, “I understand some girls have to do Ashawo work before they can pay their bills or afford certain things, but there are girls like me who work extremely hard to get everything they want,”

she went on to debunk the rumour that her recent Maldives trip was funded by DJ Kaywise. According to her, she has never met him in life.