Berla Mundi: Giovani Caleb, Cookie Tee, Johnnie Hughes, AJ Sarpong, others attend funeral Of TV3 presenter’s father

On 4th December 2021, a Ghanaian news journalist with TV3 joined family members to bury her father.

The journalist did not go through this sad episode of her life alone.

She had considerable support from her colleague journalists from Media General and other sympathizers who travelled to the funeral grounds.

Among the tall list of people who commiserated with her are Giovani Caleb, host of Date Rush, Johnnie Hughes, Cookie Tee, AJ Sarpong. They were clad in black to signify their mourning state.

Giovani, in particular, tried to provide extra emotional support to his workmate. Losing a father is not an easy experience, and it may have taken a heavy toll on Berla Mundi.

Giovani shared a picture of himself and Berla with the caption, “Glad I managed to force a smile out of you my friend. Supporting our sister & colleague @berlamundi as she bids the Dad farewell. Take heart Teshie Beyoncé. Prays up with u and the #Adaddey family.”

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We do not have any information about the funeral arrangement as the journalist managed to keep from reaching social media.

However, we know that she is from the Krobo tribe, an ethnic group classified as part of the Ga-Adangme ethnolinguistic group.

Berla Mundi slums society for spotting pressure on single people to get married

Last three months ago, the media personality in a Twitter post cautioned against people who pressure single persons to get married.

“Dear society, why do you keep asking these? Do you think of the emotional and psychological pressure you place on these people?” she quizzed.