Bibi Bright recounts how her boyfriend nearly murdered her with a gun

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has revealed how her boyfriend nearly murdered her with a gun if not for the intervention of God.

In an Instagram post sighted by, Bibi Bright recounted how they both were playing with a gun the boyfriend claimed had been registered and had no bullet to kill anyone.

In the course of their happiness, the guy mistakenly pressed on the trigger which nearly killed her about an inch away.

Bibi Bright revealed that ordeal lured her into giving her life totally to Christ seven years ago.

 Bibi Bright recalled how she broke down in tears after the incident whilst the boyfriend was also in tears.

“…Am in my man’s house and he’s is flexing with his gun ” registered” he jokingly pointed the gun to my head and I remember shouting that he should take it away from my headache.  

I don’t trust my house people, he kept laughing at how am scared of guns, he took the bullet case out and pointed it at my head again, 

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I kept telling him to please take it away from my head then He said “don’t worry it has no bullet in it, see, then the gun went off !! Just a few inches from my ear.! Apparently, a bullet moved up before he moved the bullet case!

“I remember screaming loud, don’t think I have ever screamed that loud again in my life but I could not even hear myself scream because my ear was deaf from the sound of the gun”.

In 2018, Bibi Bright revealed that her husband Akwesi Boateng is the first faithful man she has ever dated.

Bibi Bright and her baby daddy, Akwesi Boateng tied the knot in a beautiful traditional wedding here in Accra over the weekend.