Israel Boafo Bansah

Isreal Boafo Bansah who counts among one of Ghana’s richest bloggers and owner of popular entertainment blog and also Ghana’s finest education blog, celebrating his birthday today has taken to his social media handle to flaunt photos of his newly purchased 2021 C300 Mercedes-Benz which was sighted by

On Facebook he wrote; “Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes and gifts.

‘I never knew most of you appreciate greatly the little coins I assist with when you are hard-pressed, the little words of encouragement I offer when you are down, and to the bloggers sometimes taking time off to assist fix things on your blogs and offer to advice when need be!’ – Isreal wrote.

Isreal Boafo Bansah is popularly known as IB and owns 30 blogs of which he makes over $20,000 monthly as a full-time blogger.

In 2019, the renowned Ghanaian Blogger earlier opened up on social media to sponsor the education of some university students in Ghana.

Initially, Israel Boafo Bansah, who is known to be the CEO of IB Consults and brain behind one of Ghana’s biggest educational hub online, promised to pay the fees of two students only, but later opened up to paying three students.

Also, to avoid favoritism, he asked his friends not to partake in the offer and asked those who need help to give him valid reasons why he should help them.


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