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As a Bachelor of Music graduate, I became aware after my graduation from the University of Education, Winneba that my degree alone couldn’t have got me to where I am today.

Let me just break it down for you. I loved blogging no doubt about that. But I still held on to my practical knowledge in music because it would be important to my journey somehow along the line. I played my trumpet at events but was that really be going to be a sustainable source of livelihood especially in a country like Ghana?

Therefore, when venturing into blogging, I had to check what uniqueness I can add to blogging in the entertainment field. I had to fall on critiquing the music of artistes apart from writing about them. When I say critiquing, I had to apply my practical and theoretical knowledge in music notes to scrutinize the different sounds of tunes from Gospel to Hip-life to Afro-beat.

It was and still something that is not done in the blogging fraternity in Ghana. This is a problem I identified in our industry and that’s the area I want to help and support in promoting quality music. This is the problem I am solving with my blogging style.

In our modern Ghana, how many young people are looking around them and creating solutions to the problems around them? It comes once in a while on our screens how some young innovative people are using their practical knowledge to solve problems. What about the rest?

One of the questions that I ask myself, why are Business Schools not including some successful businessmen in our society to share with the young generation how to be an entrepreneur? How many competitions are available apart from McDan of MCDan’s Logistics showing the practicalities of becoming an entrepreneur.

Has these business schools thought of including the likes of Dr. Osei Kwame (Despite Media), Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong (Special Ice), Mr. Michael Owusu Addo (Sarkcess Music), Hon Kennedy Agyapong ( MP of Assin Fosu),

Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum (Ndoum Groups of Companies), Nana Kwame Bediako (WondaWorld City), Kevin Okyere, Dr. Abban, and many others in the modules to teach Business students the practical steps in setting up a business?

After one of the young and promising Ghanaian youth, Kwame AA Opoku shared how he had to re-educate himself on YouTube after university due to lack of job availability, it dawned on me that what is the practical solution to the canker of unemployment in Ghana? One of the solutions that popped into my head was self-learning and problem-solving. What is that?

By looking around your surroundings, what is one of the problems you can identify in your field of studies that have not been solved? What are you passionate about seeing in your environment but the problem is still staring in your face?

Break that problem down to how it can be solved. Is there anyone around you with a similar idea? Or someone in a similar position who you could share to see where you can be mentored or find more information about the problem? Find that person.

Believe in that dream and work on it. It will definitely attract the right investor with God and your hard work. I believe that though it may tarry, with the right attitudes and mindset, the Black man and for that matter Ghanaian just like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said will be capable of managing his own affairs.

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