Bono East Region: Full List of Qualified Schools for NSMQ 2021 National Championship

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The National Championship of the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) will kick start later in October to November 2021.

The NSMQ 2021 National Championship will be held in Accra at a decided venue Primetime Limited.

In the Bono East Region of Ghana, 4 schools have qualified to participate in the 2021 NSMQ National Championship.

Below is the list of the qualified schools in the Bono East Region compiled by NSMQ Stats:

  1. Techiman SHS
  2. Mount Carmel Girls
  3. Kintampo SHS
  4. Nkoranza SHS


Nkoranza SHTS has defied all odds to emerge Champions in the first maiden edition of the Bono-Ahafo Zonal Championship of the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Thursday’s finale involved St. James Seminary SHS, Nkoranza SHTS, Sunyani and Techiman SHS.

Ahead of the contest, supporters had tipped either James Seminary or Sunyani SHS to carry the day following their rivalry in previous NSMQ contests.

But what was unknown to many was the arsenal in the possession of Nkoranza SHTS.

Round One was not so graceful for contestants of Nkoranza SHTS as they secured 19 points. At the top of the pack was St James Seminary with 20 points.

This continued in the next two subsequent rounds. Nkoranza SHTS, however, followed closely and bridged the gap between itself and St James Seminary SHS.

Both contestants and supporters of St James Seminary and Nkoranza SHTS were all tensed up at the final round.

At this point, things could go south for St James Seminary who was in the lead or Nkoranza SHTS could hit its contending schools with a big blow and be declared winners.

Seeded Schools

Also, schools that have seeded for the NSMQ 2021 will participate in the National Championship.

A seeded school is simply any Senior High School that qualifies from the one-eight stage into the quarterfinals of the competition.

This means that all winners of the one-eight stage automatically qualify as seeded schools for the next year.

The exciting benefit of being a seeded school is that the school will skip two major hot competitions in the next year’s NSMQ: the regional and preliminary stages.

Dates for NSMQ 2021 National Championship

Primetime Limited, the organizers of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) has revealed in a social media post sighted by the dates for the 2021 NSMQ National Championships

Check the dates below:

Official Launch: 19th October 2021

Preliminary Stage: 26th October 2021 to 5th November 2021

One-Eighth stage to Semifinals: 12th to 23rd November 2021

Grande-Finale: 26th November 2021

The National Science & Maths Quiz seeks to promote the study of Science and Mathematics in Ghana.

This programme has been popular at unearthing local young scholarly talent since 1993 and was adjudged the CIMG TV Programme of the Year 2017.