Book Launch by Beatrice Maku Ogah on “The Challenges of Africa and their Solutions, the Role of African Technocrats; a Practical Handbook on Speedy Attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals”

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The people of Africa shall forever remain indebted to their past and present African leaders.

By dint of hard work and commitment towards the courses of their various countries, African leaders have been able to sustain the political emancipation (freedom) they attained from colonialism.

Since independence, there has been some level of development in all spheres of the economy in every African country that is worth celebrating.

Above all, Africa stands tall as the continent with the richest reserves of natural resources on the globe.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that there are overbearing issues in many African countries, with Ghana as no exception.

The high unemployment rate, the infrastructural deficit, issues of sanitation, primary health care, schools under trees, and the general economic hardship among the masses, in particular, are but a few of the crucial concerns of the well-meaning African of today.

Currently, many of the youths, perceiving their future as bleak, could be traced to pockets of countless pressure groups, all trying to communicate a common message to their leaders to come to their aid.

The leaders, on the other hand, are equally deeply worried by the plight of the youth.

So in order to resonate with their concerns and the cry of the masses in general, they (the leaders) are always on the move aggressively looking for sustainable solutions for these challenges; but to limited avail.

Therefore, the coming out of the above-mentioned book, at this material moment, is more of a timely intervention.

The book seeks to address, in practical terms, quite a good number of the issues on hand, summarized below.

Specific issues the book hopes to address on the ground include:
►Youth Economic Empowerment
► Effective Leadership at all levels
►General Attitudinal Change
►Job Creation Revolution
►Politically Cohesive Environment
►Massive Infrastructural Development
►Poverty Reduction and Wealth Creation
► Agro-Industrial Revolution
►Robust African Economy
►National Constitution Reforms
► Liberation from Economic Slavery
► Technology Revolution
► Development-Oriented Education Sector
► An African Employment Policy
► Vibrant Private Sector
► Making Corruption Unattractive
► Motivated Labor Force
► Media Reforms
► Efficiently Running State Institutions ►Emancipation from Mental Slavery
►An All-Inclusive Society.

It is a strong conviction of the author that, as sovereign nations, if all African countries could rally behind the concept (innovation) this book hopes to bring on board, they would make huge headway in turning the fortune of Africa around in the shortest possible time.

Please, standby for details on the launching ceremony. In the meantime, all in Ghana, Africa and the diaspora are warmly invited to the pre-launch social media discussion platform, “The African Technocrats Forum” through:




For further enquiries, call or SMS on +233(0)553631611

Thank you.
Beatrice Maku Ogah (Author)