Bridget Otoo

Bridget Otoo, a well-known tv celebrity, has announced unequivocally that she would not participate in the continuing COVID-19 vaccine.

One of the reasons Bridget Otoo has stated that she will not be getting the vaccine is that she wants the elderly, important staff and clinicians to get their vaccines first.

Another explanation she gave for not getting the vaccine was that her elder sister’s doctor cautioned her against it and there was no evidence to justify it.

She went on to say that she shared her elder sister’s doctor’s advice with her Ghanaian doctor in order to get his opinion.

Bridget Otoo claims that her doctor told her that there was no connection between the immune system and hormones, allowing her to take the vaccine when the time came. She did say, though, that she would not take the vaccine because she had not yet given birth.

As a result, she warned those who agreed with her not to take the vaccine until they are persuaded that there is sufficient proof that it is completely secure.

Regardless of her position, she encouraged those who wished to have the vaccine to do so, but only until the vulnerable, those with chronic health problems, and vital staff had received theirs


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