10 Celestial-Inspired Asian Female Names

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Some of the most popular Asian female names have been chosen by celebrities. Xue Susu, a female pirate, is a great example of this.

Other celebs have named their daughters Qingming, Yuet, and Jiang.

Let’s look at these names and see what they have in common. In the end, you’ll probably choose the one that best suits your daughter.

After all, she’ll be an Asian princess someday!

Qingming is a Chinese female name

“Qingming” means “clear and bright,” and it’s also one of the four big festivals in the Chinese calendar.

This festival falls in early April and is associated with spring’s arrival and the shedding of the dead.

It also marks the beginning of spring ploughing and the season for family outings. The name is particularly lovely because it evokes the clear, bright days of spring.

Yuet is a celestial-inspired name

Using celestial-inspired names to give your child an Asian American accent can make your child feel proud of her roots.

Yoshiko is a Japanese name that means ‘good child’ and is also known by the nicknames Yoshi and ‘Yosh.’ In addition, Yuet is a Chinese name that means moon.

And if you’re considering naming your child Yuet, you can’t go wrong.

The famous Japanese writer Yoshiko Uchida is another great choice.

Other Asian female names include Saura, Shino, Yuet, Yumiko, and a Japanese variation of Yumiko.

Xue Susu is a female pirate

Xue Susu was a courtesan of the Ming Dynasty in China. She was also known by many other names, including Xue Wu and Sujun.

Her courtesan status earned her the title of “One of the Eight Great Courtesans”. During her lifetime, Xue was well-known as a painter, and her paintings often depict Buddhist themes.

She was also noted for her archery skills, and her martial tendencies were admired by the literati of the Ming Dynasty.

Jiang is a Chinese name

The Chinese girl’s name Jiang has a feminine connotation.

It is a feminine version of the name Yang.

It is not uncommon to find Jiang in male names beginning with the letter J. This feminine form of the name means “river”.

Sakae is a Japanese name

Sakae, a Japanese name for Asian females, has an excellent meaning: ‘eagle’.

This means a baby girl who is luxuriant in her appearance. As a result, it is commonly given to babies who are born with plenty of good things.

While it may sound intimidating, Sakae’s meaning has nothing to do with its allure.

It is a name that is perfect for an Asian girl.

Isamu is a Chinese name

Isamu, a Chinese name for Asian females, means “peaceful”. The name has many different meanings depending on the culture it comes from.

For example, if your grandmother’s name is ‘Yelomo,’ you can use the Chinese version of her name as your daughter’s first name.

Likewise, if your parents are Asian, you can use the Chinese version of your daughter’s first name.

Ruo pollia is a Korean name

The Korean name ‘Ruo’ means beauty. It was popularized in the early twentieth century by Chinese writers, particularly Jin Yong. It means beautiful in Chinese, but it is equally good for girls and boys.

The name is a style of the boy’s name, and its popularity has soared in recent years. Koreans prefer female names that are rooted in tradition.

This name is gender-neutral and has a lovely sound.


Sakae is an Asian female name, derived from the Japanese language, meaning “prosperity.” The Japanese use the kanji (Chinese characters) to designate children’s names, and the variation of a name’s meaning depends on its choice.

Names with more kanji are more common in Japan, while names with few variations are uncommon and unique to the country.


Isamu is a masculine Japanese baby girl name. This name is written in both katakana and hiragana.

The meaning of the name may vary in other countries and languages, but the general meaning is “brave”. Isamu is often pronounced as IY-saa-Muw-+.

If you think this name sounds like your daughter’s last name, you may want to look at other baby girl names that sound similar to this one.


A unique Chinese girl’s name, Qing is pronounced like “ching.” It is also the name of a traditional Chinese festival that involves visiting the tombs of the ancestors.

Its popularity as a name for a child is largely due to its significance in Chinese culture.

The meaning of the name varies across countries, but generally, a child named Qingming has a strong Asian American identity.