Chantel Jeffries Net Worth

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Despite her modest looks, Chantel Jeffries has an enormous net worth of $2 million. Her social media following has earned her a large income from endorsements. In addition to being rich, Jeffries owns several luxury cars and a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, how did she get so much money? Read on to find out. Listed below are some of her sources of income. Listed below are the sources of her net worth.

Chantel Jeffries has a huge following on social media

Popular YouTuber and model Chantel Jeffries has a massive following on social media. She has been linked to Justin Bieber, who was arrested for drunken drag racing, and was previously rumored to be dating the singer. Jeffries also has a history of getting arrested and charged with speeding five times. She was also arrested once for assault with a deadly weapon, but those charges were dropped after Jeffries denied it.

Born on September 30, 1992, Chantel Jeffries is a famous American model and actress. She has a huge social media following and regularly posts hot pictures and videos to entice her followers. The model also posts travel videos and offers beauty tips on her channel. Apart from gaining a huge following on social media, Chantel Jeffries is also very active in charity work, attending events such as Jamie Foxx’s Charity Celebrity Basketball.

She earns a lot from endorsements

Chantel Jeffries earns a lot of money from endorsements. As a model and a YouTube star, she has millions of subscribers and posts beauty tips to her channel. She is also rumored to be dating American Rapper Justin Bieber. Her net worth is increasing each year. Her annual income is over $100,000. She earns from various sources including endorsements, commercials, and her modeling agency.

Initially, Jeffries had a lean physique and was a top model at Wilhemina Modeling Agency. Her looks have since gained her a huge following on YouTube. She has tattoos on her wrist and upper back, including an anchor. After a few months of modelling, Jeffries began to post pictures on social media. She was soon hailed as one of the most beautiful and successful models in the world.

She owns a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

Chantel Jeffries is an American actress, model, YouTube personality, and singer. She has more than 100 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel and 1.6 million views as of August 2016. Currently, she has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and her videos include frequent selfies in skimpy swimsuits. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Despite her fame, the real reasons behind Chantel Jeffries’ high net worth are unclear.

While Chantel Jeffries has yet to win any awards for her work, her time is clearly worth a lot. She juggles a lot of different jobs and has achieved success at a young age. She is followed by millions of people on social media, and reportedly owns many expensive cars. Chantel Jeffries owns a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is paying 0.793% of its assessed value in taxes and insurance every year.

She owns luxury cars

Chantel Jeffries is a wealthy DJ. She owns a beautiful Hollywood Hills apartment which is featured on her YouTube channel. Her apartment is estimated to be worth around $0.6 million. Born on September 30, 1992, Chantel was raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Her parents are both military veterans and worked at military training companies. Her father was in the Marine Corps and the family moved a lot. In college, she studied communication arts at Florida International University.

She owns an Aston Martin and a Ferrari, and makes a good living from brand endorsement. She has also endorsed Opr3me Energy drink and Solstice Sunglasses. Her Instagram account has over 1.3 million followers. In addition to her lavish lifestyle, Chantel Jeffries owns luxury cars. Among them are the SVA and Range Rover. Jeffries is rumored to spend at least $0.6 million on her house.