Charlie Jagow biography and interesting facts: What is known about the Alaskan native

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The 24-year-old hunter and pilot were born in a refuge.

He has been training under some of the best guides in the Falls, as well as gaining first-class racing experience.

However, his background hasn’t always been so rosy. Here are a few interesting facts about Charlie.

He grew up in a refuge

Born in 1998, Charlie Jagow grew up on the eastern edge of the Arctic National Refuge. He was raised by his parents, Paul and Dawn, and holds native Alaskan heritage.

His father is a New York native who grew up in Carmel before moving to Fairbanks.

His mother grew up in Pelham, New York. The Jagows live in a refuge that provides a safe haven for the wildlife and the people living there.

He is a refugee

As a young child, Charlie Jagow spent his time with his sister, Joanna, who now works as a pediatric nurse at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

Today, Charlie is a successful adult and is interested in pursuing a career in the outdoors.

His parents, who fled their homeland during the Second World War, are still alive.

Though Charlie has no formal education, he has spent time in the ANWR, training in trapping and repairing wooden cabins.

He is an actor

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He has never been married

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He was a four-year varsity athlete and three-year varsity football player, and his passion for the game led him to pursue a career in baseball.

His parents are both divorced, so it’s unclear if they are still together.

He has a sister

Joanna Jagow is the only known sibling of Charlie Jagow. She grew up in the wild and was raised by her father and older sister.

Despite her wild roots, Joanna moved to the city when she was in high school.

She went on to earn a nursing degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and graduated in 2016 with a sterling degree. Charlie and Joanna share a special bond.