Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is a former American baseball superstar. He was a player for Seattle Mariners and played for 22 consecutive seasons.

Alex Rodriguez is no more an athlete but he now works as a businessman and a philanthropist after his retirement from sports.                                                                        

Alex Rodriguez is also popular for his marriage to Cynthia Scurtis and the controversial divorce that followed.

Cynthia Scurtis is an American and a former teacher of psychology.

Cynthia Scurtis ditched teaching after she got married to Alex Rodriguez and gained some popularity as a celebrity spouse.  

Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez met in a Miami gym when Cynthia was still in school studying psychology.

The two hit it off right from their first meeting and dated till Cynthia Scurtis graduated and they eventually got married in a quiet and intimate ceremony in Texas, United States.

The couple had two beautiful daughters after their marriage.

In 2008, Cynthia Scurtis filed for divorce citing, emotional abandonment, infidelity and marital misconduct as her basis for the divorce.

After Cynthia Scurtis filed for divorce, her brother, Constantine Scurtis also sued Alex Rodriguez for insurance and mortgage fraud and also threatened Cynthia Scurtis of cutting child support if she does not take sides with him.

At the end of proceedings for the divorce, Cynthia Scurtis walked away with $2 million, $115,000 monthly as spousal support and $150,000 in child support for their two daughters.                                                          

Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez

Cynthia Scurtis also received $12 million as a settlement in the insurance and mortgage fraud case brought against Alex Rodriguez.

Currently, Cynthia Scurtis is living as a full-time mother and has stayed away from the spotlight after the court proceedings.

She is estimated to be worth $10million which she got from her marriage and divorce from Alex Rodriguez.

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