Date Rush contestant narrates how his ex-girlfriend dumped him, after helping her finish school

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A gentleman has narrated on live TV how he was dumped by his ex-girlfriend.

In the eighth episode of Season 6 of Ghana’s most-watched reality show labelled as Date Rush, Sam Tosin told his emotional story.

In his narration when asked why he had come on the reality show to find a date, Sam Tosin revealed his ex-girlfriend dumped him at a time when he had decided to marry her.

Sam Toshin added that the parents of his ex-girlfriend had told him that he wasn’t the best for their daughter.

According to the gentleman, who runs his own swimming school, he helped her ex-girlfriend and saw her through her tertiary education during their days in the relationship.

Giovanni Caleb, the host of the show asked if what he meant was true and Sam Toshin replied:

“You know, I just don’t want to revisit that experience. It is in my past now and I want to forge ahead to face my future and what life has for me.”

Watch the interview from the beginning of the video below:

“I was really heartbroken. I thought after three years of being in the relationship together, I was getting ready to get married but it happened that way and I had to pick up myself and move on,” he said.

After getting through all the processes on the show, Sam Tosin got a date with a lady named Mercedes.