DateRush:ICanHelpMyBoyfriendFinanciallybySleepingwithAnotherMan RosemakesShockingRevelation
Date Rush: I Can Help My Boyfriend Financially by Sleeping with Another Man - Rose makes Shocking Revelation

Rose, a season 4 contestant of the popular match-making show, Date Rush which telecast on TV3 every Sunday has made a shocking revelation on what she can do to help her man financially.

According to Rose, she can help her boyfriend financially by sleeping with another man to support the family as she feels it’s normal and that she finds nothing wrong with that.

Rose made this revelation in an interview with Kumawood actress and media personality, Xandy Kamel when she was asked if she meant she will sleep with another man to support her boyfriend.

Answering the question, Rose of Date rush boldy said ‘Yes’.

She said, however, she will do so with a man who is not his boyfriend’s acquaintance, sounding very sure and assured about what she had said.

Watch the Interview below;

Earlier, Rose of Date Rush also confirmed that his Mum sells Indomie after speculations have gone viral on social media and revealed that she won’t give out her love to anyone who will not offer him money.

Rose claims that she does not use the iconic commercial vehicle known as the Trotro.

In an interview, she said that she only uses Uber to get around on a regular basis.

On the reunion episode of the Date Rush show two weeks ago, there were dramatic scenes as Manbossey, who had apparently had a date with Rose, came face to face with Rose again.

Manbossey screamed angrily at the show’s host, Giovani, that Rose was only interested in money.


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