Date Rush: I wasn’t expecting Shemima because she wasn’t my spec – Ali reveals

Before the start of every relationship or love affair, men lookout for some qualities and specs on ladies or women that drive them into making their right choices.

These choices may be influenced by beauty, attraction, character or attitude, status in life and many other factors considered worthwhile in a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful and reliable.

Ali born Mohammed Ali, a popular season 5 contestant of TV3’s Date Rush has disclosed that he didn’t find the specs he wanted from Shemima, her ex-lover from the love-making reality show.

The date rush star stated that Shemima, the curvaceous contestant was not the type of lady he was aiming for, indicating that he likes slim ladies.

Ali made that revelation on ‘Kwantepon Drive’ on Akoma FM in Kumasi on Thursday, September 23, 2021 when he was granted an interview by the station which was hosted by Tony Best.

In his exact words, Ali said, “When she selected me, I was like wow, I thought she was playing. I was really surprised when Shemima chose me. I stood there for a while before taking to the floor to dance with her.”

“I wasn’t expecting it because she wasn’t my spec but because she opted for me, I had to settle for her,” he said.

To Ali, he believes Shemima chose her on her show after a thorough search and indicated that he was shocked when Shemima chose him.

Ali revealed that he dearly loves Shemima in spite of the controversy surrounding his current relationship with Shemima adding that he has nothing serious doing with Shemima at the moment even though he suspects that Shemima is cheating on her.

“I recently saw a social media trend from her saying she has broken up with me and that I have not been fair to her. There is nothing serious going on between myself and her at the moment because I’m suspecting she is cheating on me.”

Earlier, Shemima announced a break-up with Ali in a self-recorded video sighted by shared on her Instagram handle.

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While speaking in a self-recorded video Shemima was seen officially announcing her separation from Ali and added that Ali already dating before coming to the reality show.

According to her, Ali started exhibiting some signs early on in their relationship and it slowly amalgamated in pushing them apart leading to the dissolution of their relationship.

While shedding tears, Shemima said she turned down many suitors because of Ali and said she was doing so because of the notion that she was in a serious relationship with him.

She, however, said Ali did not value the love and had ended up breaking her heart, leaving her sad and dejected.

Shemima went on to add that she had regretted going on national television to look for love and announced she was now very single and moving on with her life.

Among many other reasons that led to the breakup, Shemima recounted that she was always at the receiving end of warnings and threats from a certain lady asking her to stay away from Ali.

Her checks, following the constant warnings, revealed that Ali was already dating before coming to look for love on national television.

Shemima said she could not hold back her tears because Ali had allowed the critics of their beautiful love story to have the last laugh.