Date Rush: Jennifer confesses that her ex-boyfriend was jealous of her ‘male bestie’

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Yesterday on Episode 7 of TV3 Date Rush Season 5, Jennifer a dark looking contestant appeared on the match-making to find love and as a first-timer, she got Desmond as his date.

Jennifer said on Date Rush that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend because he was envious of her male bestie.

According to Jeniffer, her ex-boyfriend had a bad temper, which she disliked and that she is glad to have found a better substitute on the Date Rush show yesterday.

Jennifer described how her ex-boyfriend verbally abused her because he was overprotective and domineering.

“There was a time, he visited me and found a friend with me. He got angry and started accusing me of dating the person. And that was it, and we ended there.” – she added

She acknowledged that she had more male than female pals. Jennifer stated she would not act differently because of the’miscommunication’ that led to her last split.

She emphasized that having a boy friend is perfectly OK.

“When I am in a relationship, and I have a male friend. It doesn’t mean that I should stop talking to my male friend. I don’t get too close to my male friends when I have a boyfriend.

When my boyfriend is not comfortable with it, I will limit the way I am with my friend for us to have a happy relationship.”

About Date Rush

Date Rush is a dating reality show meant to connect single ladies to single gentlemen in Ghana.

The ladies are then given an opportunity to either keep their rush on for the gentlemen or keep it off.

Keeping a rush on means the ladies are interested in the man