Date Rush: Ladies chase out Sammy of KNUST for Failing to Find Love on the Show

Sammy real name Samuel Aboagye the broken-hearted boy who went viral in March 2020 after his former girlfriend left him appeared on episode 4 of season 5 of Date Rush yesterday.

He was reported to have cheated on his former girlfriend and was seen in a video and heard in a audio crying uncontrollably after suffering a broken heart over a breakup with his girlfriend known as Nana Ama.

On Date Rush episode 4 yesterday, Sammy did not find a date although he was saved by Ruth who kept her light on for the young guy and later turned it off after her own decision.

However, after explaining why Nana Ama left in the second round, Sammy only had three lights left. Nana Ama, he claims, left because he kissed another girl, who then spread the news around campus.

The most painful part, according to Sammy, was when some of his own friends stabbed him in the back by telling Nana Ama, which resulted in the breakup. Fortunately, one of the contestants, Ruth, was able to save Sammy.

He sadly switched off Ruth’s light and confirmed that he has no feelings for her. He clarified that Ruth seems to be older than he is, which might lead people to believe she is his mother if they go for a walk in town.

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He was apparently eyeing Bibi, another contestant on the show, but she was uninterested in him as well.

Sammy finally lost Ruth, who had disappointment written all over her face after Sammy rejected her despite her claiming to be just 23 years old.

Maybe love isn’t for Sammy, and he’ll have to concentrate on other things before the right time arrives for him to find his own love.

Ray, a former Date Rush contestant, has clarified why he does not want to date a Ghanaian girl. Ray, on the other hand, is open to changing his mind if he can get a Ghanaian girl on one condition.