Date Rush: ‘Most Guys Out There Think Ladies with Goodies Can’t Be Single’ – Stephanie shares her worry

Stephanie of Date Rush fame and a season 4 contestant has made a shocking revelation of what most guys and men out there think about single ladies.

According to her many were wondering how she was still single when she appeared on Date Rush as a Season 4 contestant with all the bodycon look and gorgeous shape of an endowed woman.

‘I know I’m fine, gorgeous and have all the physique so why can’t you believe me when I say am single’ – Stephanie shared her problem.

She believes most men think they lie when ever they make their relationship status known to guys who ask when she was asked by the host why she was single before coming to date rush.

Stephanie made this remark on Thursday, April 30, 2021 on Date Rush hang out which was streamed live on TV3’s Facebook pages.

Watch the interview below;

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On the last episode of Date Rush, a popular love reality show on TV3, a lady named Stephanie was rejected by her crush for another lady named Grace. 

This was after the gentleman in question asked both Grace and Stephanie what their aspirations were for the next three years.

Grace indicated that she wanted to be a better daughter to her mother and improve herself in different aspects of life including her physical looks.

Stephanie, on the other hand, said her aspiration was to work on the spiritual, emotional and other aspects of her life.