Date Rush Reunion: Grace Proposes Love To Gyato On TV3 (Watch)

On Sunday 4th April 2021 evening, a Date Rush Reunion session transformed into a romantic night when one of the female participants fired her shot at her date.

During one of the several escapades on Date Rush, one of the guys, Gyato, who came on the show to find love, chose Grace, a contestant.

Following their exit from the show, the two have been attempting to repair their friendship.

The two ironed out their disagreements and worked out their menial problems between them as they appeared on the Date Rush Reunion to discuss their encounters and how their partnership was progressing.

Grace took out a ring and proposed to her guy on live television on TV3 before the program ended.

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Most importantly, Gyato and Grace were the best outstanding date on the night. The interesting part of when Grace proposed to Gyato live on TV.

They are among the two dates that really shown they are having a great time together.

TV3 Date Rush is a game show is for single eligible gentlemen to get a special date with a lady.