Date Rush: Sammy of KNUST Opens Up On His Broken Heart Story

Sammy, a 23-year old guy and a student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi has finally opened on his broken heart story.

In March 2020, Sammy real name Samuel Aboagye became popular after he went viral on social media for wrong reasons.

This follows a video of him weeping after suffering a broken heart over a breakup with his girlfriend known as Nana Ama.

Appearing on Date Rush episode 4 of season 4, Sammy revealed that he cheated on his former girlfriend who is known to be Nana Ama, and went after another lady.

He further said that Nana Ama was told by her friends that he [Sammy] has kissed another lady which he confirmed to be true.

Talk on social media indicates that Nana Ama left Sammy after she caught him cheating and he lied big time.

My friends snitched on me,” he said and when one of the contestants asked if it means he cheated, he said, “not necessarily … I kind of cheated. What actually happened was that the other girl I kissed her so I don’t know if you’ll term it as cheating or not” – Sammy said.

Watch the conversation below on Date Rush with Sammy;

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When he was asked why he went on to kiss another lady when he was still dating Nana Ama, Sammy said, ‘”I will say situational demands in the sense that we were both alone in a room for a long time, we watching a movie so it created that environment“.

Nana Ama heard that Sammy was into a secret affair with another lady when she was told by one lady roommate who leaked the information and ended in an infamous broken-heart story.

Watch the broken-heart video below;

On Date Rush yesterday, Sammy did not find a date and eventually lost Ruth who had disappointed written all over her face after Sammy rejected her even though she had explained that she was only 23 years.