Dean Miller Death On Station 19 – What Episode Does He Die?

“Station 19” is saying goodbye to Okieriete Onaodowan, who recently wrapped her five-year run as fireman Dean Miller.

In a statement, she expressed her gratitude to fans for their support and said she plans to pursue new artistic endeavours.

After four seasons, Onaodowan said the experience has been a “pleasure.”

Fans were understandably devastated to learn that Onaodowan had left the show at the end of Season 4, but she agreed to return for a limited number of episodes in Season 5.

She wanted to give her character a proper send-off, and the end of the series is still bittersweet for many fans.

Although she’s been busy with other projects, fans are sure to remember her for her great performance.

Dean Miller’s final arc on Grey’s Anatomy

The shocking death of Dean Miller in his final arc on Grey’s Anatomy left fans confused. What was Dean up to? The episode aired just a few hours after the infamous “Crisis One” episode, but it had vastly different tones than the rest of the series.

While fans were expected to be devastated by the news of Dean’s death, their emotions were not met.

When the show first premiered, Dean Miller was a firefighter working at Station 19 in Seattle. He was a friend of Tiffany, the owner of a dog named Charlie.

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He also adopted Tiffany’s dog, Charlie, after it ate his alarm clock. During season three, he became a father and named the baby after her deceased partner, Cpt. Pruitt Herrera.

However, he is tragically killed in a gas explosion in season five.

During his last episode, his wife, Carina, and Andy are left without a father.

Dean Miller’s wishes for Pruitt

In the Season 3 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, we learned that Dean Miller’s parents didn’t want Pruitt to see them as a baby.

During a counselling session with Diane Lewis and Vicki Saunders, Dean revealed the real reason his parents didn’t want Pru to see them. He explained that Pru’s middle name, Arike, was from his mother’s Nigerian tribe.

This is also the reason why Bill Miller called Pru by her middle name, Arike.

While many of the other survivors of the fire were devastated by their loss, this one feels particularly painful.

The family of Dean Miller, played by Ben Warren, was cut off emotionally from him after he decided to become a firefighter.

They both acted out of shame. Miranda’s wish to keep Pru with her grandparents doesn’t sit well with Ben, who insists that Dean wanted his grandchildren to raise him.