Delay wades in the ongoing confusion surrounding Zion Felix and his two baby mamas, MinalynTouch and Erica Kyem

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Ghanaian entrepreneur, television and radio show host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as “Delay” has added his voice to the ongoing confusion and discussion surrounding celebrated Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix and his two baby mamas, MinalynTouch and Erica Kyem.

This comes after, Zion Felix confirmed the birth and welcomed two babies from his baby mamas, MinalynTouch and Erica Kyem with whom he had impregnated months ago.

Confirming the news for the first time from the horses own mouth as monitored by, Zion Felix revealed on the Thursday edition of Peace Fm’s ‘Entertainment Review show’ hosted Halifax Ansah Addo, that ‘Yes’ the news making rounds are true and indeed he is a father of a beautiful three weeks old baby girl.

He added that he was not in Ghana when the child was born.

To Delay, she doesn’t understand why Zion Felix will put MinalynTouch and Erica Kyem through emotional stress and expressed disappointment on the trending issue.

Delay opines they were careless enough to have entangled themselves in an emotional mess.

After the blogger and his girlfriend, Minalyn officially announced the birth of their baby daughter on September 3, 2021, social media were enraged.

Tensions rose after the blogger unintentionally shared a photo of his other Italian baby mom, Erica, and congratulated her on her son’s birth. Shortly after publishing it on his Instagram wall, he removed the post.

Following the events that progressively transpired on social media, a large number of people have denounced the blogger for having two women impregnated out of wedlock and mocking them.

Others claim Zion Felix acted inappropriately when he deleted the tweet in which he congratulated his Italian baby mama.

Delay expressed her disappointment in both women for allowing Zionfelix to toy with their emotions when she shared her thoughts on the matter.

According to the host of the Delay Show, she is baffled as to how self-made women of their stature could throw themselves at Zionfelix’s feet without considering the consequences.

“These two women have done the most. Two fine women. How? They are both pretty and very light-skinned. As hardworking and pretty as you are, how can you allow this guy play with your heart like football?

You can imagine the emotional stress they are both going through. Two well-made ladies? I mean how? He calls himself Ghana’s number 1 blogger and now look what he has done with you both,” she stated on the Delay show.

She continued by saying, these controversies wouldn’t have gotten to this point if Zionfelix had not projected his private issues on social media.

“If you don’t post your stuff on social media, nobody will know. Now you see the struggles you’re going through. Not forgetting the fact that you played home and abroad,” Delay added.