Does Gail Platt Wear a Wig?

We have all seen Gail Platt with her trademark red wig and the usual ‘do’ but does she really wear a wig? The actress recently returned to Corrie after spending time in Thailand discovering herself. In a recent episode, her hair was curled into voluminous curls with plaits in the back. However, this change was met with mixed reactions from viewers.

Gail’s relationship with Darren

After David Platt’s r**e trial, Gail vows to fix her family and reunite her with her son Darren. She calls a family gathering at her home, Number 8, and tries to get the family to pull together. However, David is still facing jail time, and his mother Gail is not sure how to handle the situation.

Gail has had a turbulent love life that has included a variety of interesting husbands. Before her marriage to Darren, Gail was still known by her maiden name, Tilsley. They met at a friend’s party, and were engaged in late 1978. In the meantime, Gail’s mother and father were feuding.

Gail’s relationship with Tina McIntyre

Gail Platt and Tina McIntyre have a long-standing history. The two met when Tina visited Gail’s medical practice in Rosemund Street, where Tina’s mother was the receptionist. They became close and soon Tina took David’s virginity.

Gail was previously married to Brian Tilsley, the father of David Platt and Sarah Platt. Brian and Gail divorced after years of bickering over money. However, after Sarah’s death, the couple remarried. Unfortunately, Brian was murdered in 1989 by a group of thugs. After the murder, Gail was left widowed, but her children were still alive.

Gail’s hatred for Callum

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Gail has long been bitter about her late husband Callum. Although she has always loved him, Gail now feels a need to keep her distance. She even has a wig on, so she can hide her true feelings. However, Gail is also suffering from the loss of her beloved daughter, Sarah. While trying to get her daughter back, Gail’s hatred for Callum intensifies. Gail is also worried about her children’s safety.

Gail’s mother gave birth to her at the age of 18 because she wanted to reclaim the child she had given up for adoption two years earlier. She never told her father and was raised by her grandmother. Later, she married mechanic Brian Tilsley (Christopher Quinten) and had three children. Unfortunately, one of them died in infancy.

Gail’s hairstyle

After spending the last few months in Thailand, Gail Platt returned to Coronation Street in 2018, wearing a new hairstyle. Unlike her previous short locks, Gail’s hair was long and voluminous. Her hairstyle reflected her youthfulness and was a popular choice among fans.

Gail’s new hairstyle is a style staple and she often wears it with a ponytail. In the recent episode, she turned detective, following her ex-husband Lewis Archer to the Dominican Republic. The episode, aired on Sunday, was praised by viewers for her powerful performance. The speech tied together two separate storylines, including David’s admission to Shona (Julia Goulding) that he had been raped by Josh Tucker.

Her wig

It is not clear why Gail Platt wears a wig. Sadly, alopecia has caused her hair to fall out on several occasions, and she wanted to show women that it’s ok to be bald. In order to do this, she wore a wig while filming. In addition to the television appearance, Gail also married twice in real life. The last time, she married Martin Platt, the owner of Saddleworth Cheese Company.

Gail’s mother gave birth to her at age 18 to make up for the fact that she had given up a baby for adoption two years earlier. She never knew her biological father and was raised by her grandmother. Her mother had several failed marriages and went on to date many men. She has no children of her own.