Donald Glover and Malia Obama working with Beyonce on a new TV series

Donald Glover is set to create a new series based on an individual who resembles Beyonce’s personality, and none other than Malia Obama is one of the authors.

In the footsteps of her talented parents, who have been producers for Netflix shows before, the elder Obama daughter is following. However, this is her debut in the production of a show on Amazon.

Glover signed an eight-figure contract with Amazon, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and among his projects is a series called ‘Hive’-the name that Beyonce’s fans have given themselves as loyal to’ Bey-Hive,’ a play on the word Bee Hive-with Beyonce herself being Queen B.

No stranger to television is Malia Obama, who grew up in the spotlight because of her father’s two-term presidency. A recent Harvard graduate, she interned for “Girls” at HBO and worked on “Extant,” a CBS drama, as a production assistant.

Glover is also expected to recreate Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s, which is set to be released in 2022 on Amazon Prime.

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Glover’s writing and/or producing partner and Stephen Glover’s brother have also signed their own agreement with Amazon.

In the meantime, the contract between Donald Glover and FX, which just ended, would not impact the Glover-produced show “Atlanta.”

The show has just been renewed for two more seasons, three and four, and production due to the Covid-19 pandemic will resume in March after a period of delay.


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