Don’t Kill Yourself Having S3x for Long Hours, 5 Minutes is Enough – Ghanaian Medical Practitioner tells Men

S3x is an integral part of human life and it enjoyed by everyone especially among couples ( two people who have a romantic or sexual relationship, for example, ​a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend).

As there is a saying that goes, ”To much of everything is bad”, this adage also applies to s3x meaning that too much of sex is not good and can be detrimental to man’s health and life.

In this regard, Effa Bafo Gyamfi, a Ghanaian medical practitioner has advised that men shun spending long hours having sex.

According to Effa Bafo Gyamfi, he says every reasonable s3x, within which all the fun and climax can be attained, should not go beyond 5 minutes.

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Mr. Gyamfi made this disclosure in an interview on Kantanka TV during a health-themed discussion where he raised his salient points on too much s3x.

He accurately pointed out that individuals incorrectly practice what they see in p0n0graphic movies as the foundation for their actual s3x life which is utterly erroneous.

He emphasized that these actors in pornographic films utilize medications and other modifications to extend the act in order to support the film’s concept.