Eliza Fletcher – A $50,000 Reward For Information That Leads to Her Whereabouts

Eliza Fletcher’s disappearance has made headlines across the country. On a pre-dawn run, she was kidnapped and thrown into an SUV. Police searched with ATVs, helicopters, and dogs, but were unable to find her. Her case has triggered partisan debate over criminal sentencing. The family is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to her whereabouts.

While crime statistics show that attacks against women are rare, the reality is quite different. Women are much more vulnerable than men when they are out running. Traffic and other pedestrians can be dangerous, and the possibility of assault is greater than you think. And it doesn’t just happen in urban areas – many female athletes are targeted by men.

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Eliza Fletcher was abducted in Memphis, Tennessee, while running on the street. She was found dead a few days later. The woman who abducted her was convicted of aggravated kidnapping 20 years ago. She is set to be released from prison on November 2020.

Cleotha Abston is the suspect in the kidnapping of Fletcher. The teenager was sentenced to twenty-four years in prison for the crime. However, many people believe that Abston would have lived if he had served the full sentence.