Eliza Fletcher’s Clothes Are Now a H*t Commodity

Eliza Fletcher is one of the richest women in the United States, and she was known for her fashionable clothes and style. But did you know that she was also a serial killer? Police found her body in the long grass behind an abandoned home, and arrested her sister Cleotha Abston, who was accused of killing the heiress. Her body was discovered near her Lululemon running shorts and was seven miles from where she was last seen.

The girl’s brother, Mario Abston, was living in the area where Fletcher was abducted, and he was acting strangely. He would not tell investigators where he found Fletcher, but he did tell police that he was washing his clothes and car.

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After Fletcher’s abduction, her husband, Richard, reported her missing. The Memphis police department was notified after she did not return home. Police found her cellphone and a pair of Champion brand slides in her car. The woman’s clothes are now a h*t commodity.

Abston, a Memphis resident, was arrested on multiple charges, including possession of a firearm and possession of controlled substances. He was also arrested on charges related to kidnapping.