Eliza Fletcher, 34, was abducted while jogging on a campus near the University of Memphis. Her husband, Richard Fletcher, reported her missing after she didn’t return home. Memphis police located a vehicle in the area where the abduction took place and arrested a man. He is charged with first-degree murder. The family of Eliza Fletcher is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the identity of the suspect.

Eliza Fletcher’s husband Richard Fletcher, III, appeared in a video alongside members of the family and wiped away his tears as his uncle read the statement. Some Twitter users wondered if the tears were faked or not. In addition, some rumors have been spread online about the identity of the suspect.

Eliza Fletcher was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to Adele Fletcher and Beasley Wellford. Her parents had been involved in a hardware wholesale business. The company is considered one of the largest independent hardlines distributors in the world. Its annual revenue is over $3 billion.

Eliza Fletcher’s disappearance stunned the Memphis community. She was abducted while jogging, and was then forced into a black SUV. Her husband reported her missing to the police, and later found her phone on a nearby street. The police also found surveillance footage of the area in which she was abducted. A black GMC Terrain had been spotted driving by the missing woman.

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