EPUC SRC President Appeals to Students to Flee Examination Malpractices

Having sat through disciplinary hearings on students who breached examination regulations, SRC President, Raynolds Agbenyenu is making a passionate appeal to students to resist the temptation of cheating in exams.

The University begins its End of Semester One Examinations on Friday March 12, 2021 and in a bid to caution students, the President has taken time to voice his experience listening to students defending or admitting their guilt over examination malpractices.

He is also calling on students with special challenges relating to courses or lecturers to draw the attention of the SRC before examination.

Here is the original post.

….. Raynolds Agbenyenu writes…

I was on the panel that interrogated the culprits who were involved in examination malpractice during the end of 2nd Semester examination of the 2019/2020 Academic year.

It was sad to see my own colleagues walk in to face the panel and admit to the offenses they committed with little or no knowledge about the penalties of their offenses.

They all had various excuses which led to the unacceptable practice they involved themselves in.
However, no matter the situation before an examination, malpractice is not a remedy but it seems that is what some students rather believe in.

All I can say is that, the experience at the disciplinary committee meeting was very sad to me as SRC President to see my colleagues appear before a panel to answer questions of examination malpractice.

It also appears that some students do not bother to report to SRC their grievances about a course or a lecturer.

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They keep mute and later engage in examination malpractice which should never be the case.

I’d advise that any student that has issues with a course or a lecturer should report to the SRC as early as possible before examination approaches, rather than trying to vindicate themselves through examination malpractice.

If the institution is noted for these distasteful acts, the value of the certificate we hold will degrade in the job market, so I will urge all students to take lectures and all assignments including mid-semester examinations serious so that the little effort at the end of the semester exams can get them a pass mark.

In the forthcoming examination, we urge all students to study, believe in themselves, and write the papers without fear.

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