Fans react as Nick Cannon’s pant bulges live on TV show

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The massive bulge in the actor’s pants got fans going crazy on social media.

American actor and TV presenter Nick Cannon got a lot of people from the social media world talking after the camera caught a big bulge in his pants on live TV.

The hilarious incident happened as Nick Cannon presented the last episode of his show, “What’s Poppin?!” pop culture news segment.

Viewers’ eyes were fixated on his pants as the ace TV represented went about his job.

Below are some of the reactions on Twitter

Nick narrates events leading up to the first date with Meagan good and why the actress later friend zoned him

On December 1, while actress Meagan was on Nick’s show to promote her new Amazon Prime video series, ‘Harlem,’ Nick brought up an old issue. Time in the past, when they dated, Nick was 16, and she was 17.

“My first real date ever,” he remembered. “She invited me — she was nominated — y’all remember that film ‘Eve’s Bayou?’ She was amazing in ‘Eve’s Bayou.’ Got nominated for an NAACP award and for some reason she asked little ol’ me. I was literally just a kid doing stand-up comedy,” he said.

“Meagan was the first person to ever friend-zone me,” he said. “But it was so dope though because we actually became best friends,” he added.