Find permanent solution to Corruption in Ghana and limit holding huge seminars on it – Prez. Kufour advises Ghanaian leaders

Corruption in Ghana has become a major problem for the country for both citizens, leaders and foreigners.

The cause of corruption in Ghana can deeply be attributed to political and economic menace caused by people who represent the government in sectors, ministries and institutions.

As part of efforts to see corruption being rooted from the country, former president, John Agyekum Kufour has advised leaders of of Ghana to find immediate solution to it.

According to the former president, he says it will be proper if our leaders desist from holding huge seminars on corruption.

He said clearly that the most important thing now is that, leaders of the country find a permanent solution to the devastating menace.

To him, he believes that holding talks and seminars on corruption will not solve the country’s hectic problem.

And that corruption goes beyond just talks, seminars and meetings.

John Agyekum Kufour revealed that most governments stay in opposition for a long time so once they are allowed to govern again they only think about themselves and their immediate families.

“The basic definition of corruption is greed. Some people have everything in this world but they still want the little others are making.

But some people work genuinely to support their families.

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The only way to deal with corruption is to manage the economy properly and the pace of growth should be faster than the population growth.

With prospects and employment for the youth are some practical solutions to corruption.

Everyone is comfortable and things are not too hard people won’t even think about stealing,” he said.

Adding to the above, the former president named economic pressure as an impediment haunting everyone and so when people are given leadership positions.

Which compels them into engaging in deviant and corrupt acts to support their families.

‘’If the system works and everyone is benefiting the idea of corruption will never come up’’ – he stated

In his final remarks, the former president noted that corruption is heard in the news in all parts of the world.

And that the ability to manage the menace is what is helping most countries.

He therefore called on the leaders of Ghana to make good laws to deter people from engaging in corruption.