Former ‘mad man’ Mona Mobl3 completely transformed – check viral photo of him in suit

Ghanaians have hailed Kofi TV and Angel FM host Kofi Adoma Nwanwani for completely transforming the life of celebrity madman Mona Mobl3.

From a man walking the streets aimlessly, Mona Mobl3 is now transformed to the point of wearing a suit in new photos.

It’s a simply incredible transformation!

Several months back, Mona Mobl3 rose to fame in a series of short skits posted online by an unknown person.

In the videos sighted by, he would generally have something hilarious to say, ending with ‘Mona Mobl3’.

That became his trademark phrase and also his name.

There were many Ghanaians wondering how a ‘mad man’ had become famous and people were following him on social media but no one was doing anything about it.

That led to Kofi Adoma to step in alongside Mona Mobl3’s family to find a way to seek treatment for him.

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Kofi Adomaa interviewed him on his show and together with his family, they managed to check him into rehab to receive treatment.

Today, Mona Mobl3 seems to have found his feet and is on his way back to recovery.

A photo of him has surfaced on social media, showing him looking completely transformed from the ‘Mona Mobl3’ we have come to know.

Musician A Plus shared the photo of the newly transformed Mona Mobl3 on his page and it is receiving many positive reactions.

A lot of Ghanaians have also praised Kofi Adoma for his work in helping Mona Mobl3 back to sanity.

Check photo of the new Mona Mobl3 below…