Francisca Lamini: Ketasco female NSMQ ‘star girl’ gains admission to study at The Harvard Medical School

Francisca Lamini has gained admission at The Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

If you could recall, Francisca Lamini appeared in the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz and represented Keta Senior High School as a contestant.

She was celebrated massively on social media for her academic prowess in representing her school.

Francisca Lamini made history as the first female NSMQ finalist in the last 8 years since 2013. has sighted an announcement by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ghana through its LinkedIn page in which it was made clear that Francisca Lamini will soon be studying at the Harvard Medical School.

After receiving several offers from across many spectrums, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ghana has also announced that Francisca Lamini is headed for the Harvard Medical School.

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“It was great having the young, intelligent Francisca Lamini at the secretariat earlier today before she leaves for her studies at the prestigious Harvard Medical School,” a caption to a photo together with the star girl said.

Francisca Lamini is on her way to fulfilling her dreams and has been granted a full scholarship to complete an undergraduate program at Harvard Medical School.

Watch the interview below:

Francisca Lamini after successful completion would gain admission into Harvard Medical school, or, any other Ivy league Medical school of her choice.