From a teacher to a renowned broadcaster – the story of Adom FM’s Kwame Oboadie

Renowned radio presenter of Adom FM, Kwame Oboadie, has emotionally shared his ordeal when he first stepped foot in Accra from Kwahu in the Eastern region.

According to him in an interview on Adom TV’s ‘Mahyease3’ program hosted by Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe. he recounted how difficult it was for him to leave in his home town.

But he told himself that his presence is never his future stating that he had to sell mangoes and saved for his journey to Accra in other to survive the hardship.

The media personality revealed that he had to sleep in a car at a fitting shop with a friend for a year and a half when he arrived in Accra.

Since he was still determined to make things better for himself, he had to hawk on the street with bread and other items.

Oboadie recalled writing a letter to his uncle to move and stay with him in Accra before embarking on the journey, but without his uncle’s consent, he came down to the capital.

Sadly, his uncle declined to offer him accommodation when he arrived because he told him he never replied to his letter with the assurance for him to come to Accra.

However, that never discouraged him even though his uncle left him with no money to return to Kwahu and he had t to walk from Kata Hostel to Kwashieman in Accra here.

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”A friend I met was sleeping in a fitting shop … after we ate in the evening, he offered me a spot in a car at a fitting shop where he slept.

He had already occupied the back seat. We slept in the car for almost a year and a half” he said.

”When I arrived in Accra, my uncle told me he couldn’t accommodate me because he’d not replied to a letter I wrote to him before coming.

I didn’t have money to return back home. My uncle left me stranded without money and asked me to go back. H sat in a car and left me” he added.

Watch the interview below: