Funny Face’s Wife, Ama Vanessa will Die If She Returns to Her Husband – Top Spiritualist declares

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Funny Face started out so good, particularly during his time on Tv3’s “Chokor Trotro,” but he has since become a laughingstock and a target of ridicule, which is both sad and unfortunate.

As at now, Funny Face is incarcerated in a psychiatric facility due to mental disorder, according to reports. Besides, Funny Face’s estranged wife, Ama Vanessa, isn’t on speaking terms with him.

This is why Abusua One God, while dropping a series of revelations revealed to him by his karma god, cautioned the comedian’s baby mama against returning to him.

Funny Face hasn’t recovered from his mental disorder yet, according to Abusua One God, because it’s a spiritual thing. He says that the comedian is currently married to a spirit and that if he wants to be in a relationship, the spirit to which he is married will return the illness.

Ama Vanessa was warned by Abusua One God that if she returns to Funny Face, her family would come for his body.

He then told the comedian that he would need the help of a very strong spiritualist to end the spiritual marriage before he could be set free.

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